#4 San Bernadino Peak

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This morning Sara and I drove to Redlands to the San Bernadino peak trailhead.

It was an early start leaving OC at 4:30am and parking at the trailhead by 6:20am. It was about 40 degrees at the trailhead.

We started hiking at 6:30am and Sara was pushing the pace because it was cold and we wanted to warm up. For some reason we both could really feel the altitude on the first mile – maybe because we weren’t awake yet, maybe because we ware trying to warm up.

After a set of 6 switchbacks we were on our way to the peak. There were beautiful views all along with way. With green area’s with narrow trails and then switched off to rocks and dirt trail.


The temperatures remained in the 40-50’s for most of the hike which is why you can see Sara wearing a hat and gloves. On the way up it was mostly hiking with our poles.


This is the monument marker about a mile from the summit. You may be able to see where people before us must have scraped the ice off of the marker to see it. We heard it is was about 19 degrees overnight from some campers.

The peak has amazing views of other peaks and the cloud cover below. We reached the summit about 9:30 AM.

And here we are at the top. It was a really fun hike.

On the way down we were able to run about 2-3 miles because of the good terrain in the forest and a dirt trail. Nice to have to need some extra sun screen after the cold morning start.


Total hiking time 6 hours. 16 miles with 4700 feet of elevation.

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