Thailand Trip – Scuba Diving in the Andaman Sea

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Our flight from Chang Mai to Phuket was quick and easy on a Asia Air and we exited the airport into the humid hot temps of Phuket. We opted for mini-bus transport from the airport to our first stop – Thailand Divers were we paid the balance of our live aboard diving fee and got the details regarding our diving equipment and our pick-up the next day… Next we jumped a red truck to take us to Kata Beach for our overnight at Monohora Cozy Village





We woke up at 5:30AM the next morning, got ready, and our Mini-bus was waiting for us in the driveway to take us for a 2 hour shuttle north to pick up a speed boat to our live-aboard boat. After checking in our packs were put onto the boat and we were off..


The speedboat took us and about 12 other people to the two live aboard boats which stay out next to the islands in the Andaman Sea.


It was about a 2 hour trip on the speedboat out to the Similian islands from the western coast of Thailand…


This is the Similian Divers live aboard boat that would be our home for next day and half.



Home sweet home with out little single beads and a small area to put our stuff. The nice benefit was air conditioning to keep it cool for sleeping. Even thought it was a pretty large boat it also rocked all night with the ocean, not bad but every now and then it just let you know you were still at sea.




All of the dives for the day were put on the boat in the main eating and resting area of the we knew what was coming up next…



Before each of our dives there would be a dive briefing where they would go over the lay of the underwater landscape, how we would be entering and exiting, what there was to see, and what the current would be like….



Check out the boat here is a tour of what the Similan Dive boat looked like…

Before each dive we would put on our gear and Sara and I would check each other out :)…no not that kind!, check out our equipment to make sure we were safe and ready to dive….



Then when the bell rang our whole diving group would giant step into the water and get with our dive guide to descend…


This huge sea turtle we saw near the end of our first dive…what a way to start. He hardly gave us a look, just sat there on the bottom not moving a muscle to conserve air and energy….


This was an magnificient crest which we swam over with a current which brought tons of food in for all of these fish and the for the coral to feed on…check in out on the video below…



There were huge rock formations in the water that we got to swim around and through to check out the fish and the beautiful coral growing on them…



The fish were very colorful and striking in the water…here you can see a couple… even Nemo (clown fish) came out for a look…



We were able to see many moray eels.. this one was very accommodating coming out to take a look…I also have some video of him below…


Here is a video of us diving…pretty awesome views…take a look…

It was a highlight to see this Manta Ray during one of our safety stops on the second day of diving. He just came by and got his food and then took off again….


We were sad to leave the dive boat but knew that we were now off to our next adventure sailing the southern islands…checkout our next post to read about it….



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