Pedometer Challenge

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Ok, so I will start this post by saying that I am competitive…. This month my work had the “Summer of Wellness”, there were lots of activities and seminars to do with being healthy. One of the activities was a … Continued

Hiking Caspers Wildnerness Park

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Sara and I were looking for a new adventure today so we headed out Ortega highway for the short drive to Caspers Wilderness Park. It was beautiful sunny day and here is Sara standing in what looked like a very … Continued

Camp Pendelton Sprint Triathlon

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Sara did the Pendelton Sprint Triathon today as well as our friends. Here you can see the transition area right down by the beach – Yup all of those are bikes on bike racks waiting for the triathletes when they … Continued

Trampolines Rock!

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When was the last time you jumped on a Trampoline? If you are like me it was….. last summer, I mean…. a long time ago Ha! Well this week I went with work to a place called Sky High..and no … Continued