Fun Day with Marni and Eric

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Marni and Eric came out to visit her brother Todd in San Diego so we went down to play with her. We went for a run at Torry Pines and along the beach and roller bladed at mission beach with … Continued

New Years – Dream Board Session

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What a great way to close of the year we had an awesome party at our friend Sharon’s house where she hosted a dream board building session. A dream board is something you make to post all those things that … Continued

The Dead Sea Scrolls

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Sara and I had the opportunity to go and see the Dead Sea Scrolls over the Christmas Season at the San Diego Natural History Museum. It was such a sought after exhibit that we had to register online and pay … Continued

2007 Chrismas Brag Letter

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Oh what fun it is to brag about all the good things that came to us this year. Isn’t that how most of these letters go? It is only because we don’t want to bore you with the messy insignificant … Continued